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The Wise Sayings of Taco Werewolf - The Clouds In Heaven Have Hairs On Them

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June 1st, 2011

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03:12 pm - The Wise Sayings of Taco Werewolf
June has stormed in with a HoWL and the dog days of summer are soon to become the SiZZliNG WOLF DaYs of WONdER as, while meditating out in the wooded clearing near my apartment complex this past week (that I mentioned in yesterday's entry), I started to become inundated with all this insight and as I feverishly began to write the stuff down, I realized I had stumbled upon a new feature to add to my already stunning repertoire of entertainment and erudition: THE WISE SAYINGS OF TACO WEREWOLF!! Lol! Here are the wise sayings I've come up with so far and I'm sure there will be many more to come!

1)As a child I played with my navel.As a teenager I played with my nachos. As an adult I put cheese sauce in my navel and dip nachos in it.

2)The main difference between mice and men is that a mouse can be covered in hot sauce, put in a standard size taco shell and sold for under $1

3)Americans have the cheeseburger, Arabs have the shawarma, Greeks have the gyro, Italians have pizza, the Chinese have the egg roll, Mexicans have tacos and in my belly lies the United Nations of Nom Nom Nom.

4)Some people take the high road, some people take the low road. I choose to take whatever road you're not on because you've been eating refried beans

5)This is in memory of all the fallen taco soldiers I have devoured in my War Against Hunger. You were unarmed and I took advantage of you. For this, I apologize, but I swear I did it for the good of my country. (Memorial Day homage)

6)The grass is always greener on the other side. Except when your side is serving tacos and the other side has liver and lima beans.

7)If you love someone, set them free. If you hate someone, hide the nachos from them.

I've already posted these, one or two a day, this past week on my Twitter and Facebook. I'll continue to archive these sayings here once a week or every month or so but if you want to catch any of these new sayings LIVE and as they are released, please add me on either of these fine social networks. And don't forget to "like" them and RETWEET them, please, because in doing so you'll be doing an excellent service for me, yourself and all your friends.

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