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More To A Free Throw Than Meets The Armpit - The Clouds In Heaven Have Hairs On Them

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March 27th, 2011

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12:27 pm - More To A Free Throw Than Meets The Armpit

Woo Hoo! I was really hungry and needing some smokes really bad yesterday, was in the deepest of despairs, when I went to my mailbox and saw a check for $25.42 that was totally unexpected! I guess I'd gotten a sale from someone clicking on one of the hairy porn affiliate links on one of my websites and subscribing to one of the sites I am promoting. When this happens I get half the money and when my account balance exceeds at least $25 they send me a check. I haven't really been updating my hairy porn sites lately, haven't had a sale in over a year, so I quit checking my stats and had no idea I had a check coming. Yeah, it's fucking chump change and there are people who make tons of money as porn-resellers online. I apparently suck at it since I average about ONE sale a YEAR nowadays (lol!), though I use to get about a sale a week when I put more work into it. But hey, $25 got me two packs of Marlboros and some TACOOOOOOS!!

The big news here is that the small Indianapolis school, Butler University, about an hour from where I live, is once again in the Final Four of the NCAA Men's basketball tournament. They made it to the championship game last year but sadly lost to Duke. I'm not really a big basketball fan anymore but if they make it to the championship game again I might watch it. It looks like their next opponent will probably be Kansas which will be tough. The best thing about Butler doing well in my mind, of course, is that I like to giggle and refer to them as BUTT-LER. LOL! And everytime they win I say shit like, "The BUTT-LER did it!" or "BUTT-LER really kicked some BUTT last night, huh?" Hahahahahaa!

One good spark of inspiration I did get, though, from watching basketball a few years ago, is that I acquired this weird fetish for watching guys shoot free throws. I had this fascination with staring at their armpits as they raised their arms to shoot the ball and this led my coming up with ideas such as The Hairy Gay Armpit Carnival(NSFW! Adults only! Kinda gross!).

I think Professor Penis may be dead. No one has seen him come into the porn store for about three months. He was always spry for his 80-plus years of age but I know when you get that old suddenly you can fall down dead at any time, for whatever reason. The good thing about him possibly being dead is that I won't have to pay him back the two bucks I owe him, but the bad thing is that I actually thought he was kind of fun to talk to. There is this other old troll who I call "Droopy Dog," this sad looking, short older guy with the face of a Basset Hound, who I've on a number of occasions seen sitting on Professor Penis' lap in a booth, both of them butt naked as they watched movies together. I thought Droopy Dog might know what happened to Professor Penis so I asked him the other day and he played all dumb when I asked him, pretending like he didn't know who I was talking about. I wanted to say, DUDE, I SAW YOU BUTT NAKED SITTING ON HIS LAP IN A BOOTH NUMEROUS TIMES but I'm sure Droopy Dog would just deny it. It isn't like I really give that much of a fuck about Professor Penis; I'm just curious, is all, but it figures that Droopy Dog would make a shitty informant; most of our regular customers are totally worthless when it comes to anything other than sucking cock and jerking their puds. Or maybe I'm just a shitty interrogator. Or maybe I've just been watching too many "missing persons" shows on TV lately. LOL.

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